Welcome to Cloud Council!

Cloud Computing has enabled several starts-ups and businesses to reach its escape velocity (notable examples: Netflix, Expedia,  Intuit and etc).  Undoubtedly, Cloud Computing opened doors to a large job market across the world. AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platforms are dominating the Technology Industry and will continue to do so in the forthcoming years.

Cloud Council was formed and run by Industry’s leading cloud technology professionals with the objective of setting standards in cloud platform implementation and delivering education to the business and community.

Our Professionals explore niche areas in Cloud Computing and develop educational certification courses with rich content and demos.

What does our community offer?

Online Cloud, Programming, Security Certification Courses conducted by Industry’s leading experts. (live streaming and demo, not pre-recorded)

Course Certification that you can add to your resume and also post on your LinkedIn Profile. Your certification can be validated on our site by anyone.

Our online courses are conducted during non-working hours and weekends to accommodate working professionals and students. So, you can still enroll in our courses and earn certificates in the midst of your busy working schedule!

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Professional Certification Courses (Real Classroom, Convenient Timing)

  • We care about effectiveness in learning. We do not teach stuffs that you can usually find on internet.
  • All of our course instructors are still working professionals, so they bring tremendous real-world experience into the courses, yet they love to talk about actual use cases and scenarios.
  • Our courses are designed to meet fast-track learning needs of the candidates. So, we understand we have to turn you as an expert in matter of days, if not in hours!
  • Most of the chapters are in the courses are backed by demo’s,  so candidates gain hands-on experience from our courses.
  • No time? No worries. We conduct most of our course during non-peak hours. (usually in the late evenings and weekends).

Register on our website under “Register” menu, it is free!

Please checkout available courses under “Courses” Menu. Checkout the course timing and see if it works out for you. Purchase the course and then we will email you the instructions to attend the course online.

Up on completion of the course, we will send you the certification by email. You can also post the certificate on your LinkedIn profile and your employer/institution can verify the certificate’s authenticity on our website.