Cloud Council Certified Microservices Developer (Sold out!!!)

Learn microservices online with cloud council

(Currently this course is fully sold out… pls check with us later for future schedule)


Online Classroom Date/Timing: 

Start Date: 15th May 2020

End Date: 15th June 2020

Timing:    7.30 PM IST to 9 PM IST on Tuesday and Thursday

2 PM IST to 3.30 PM IST on Saturday and Sunday

Total Hours: 24 hours

Course Content: Please click on curriculum tab for detailed course content.

Important Notes:

  • This is a live, instructor-led training program.
  • The online classrooms are conducted during non-peak hours. (late evenings and weekends).
  • You will earn a valuable Certification at the end of the course.
  • You can show case your Certificate on your LinkedIn Profile and in your resume.
  • Your certificate can be validated on our website by potential employers.

The course program has designed to cover broad area of professionals from diverse background including Developers, System Administrators, Cloud consultants/professionals, Architects, Students and Academic Staffs.

Even if you do not have enough cloud experience, you can still enroll for this course, the program will conduct a crash course prior to actual course kick off schedule.

1. Microservices Basics

Microservices Introduction and Basics
Microservices Patterns (Circuit Breaker, Saga, Strangler and etc)
REST API Basics and Tools (with Java)

2. Spring Boot Application Development

WebApp and Spring Basics
Bootstrapping Spring Boot
Customizing Spring Boot Configurations
Groovy and Actuators
Deploying Spring Boot Applications

3. Containerizing Application With Docker

Containerization Basics
Intro to Docker, Installation, Configuration
Understanding Docker File System and Networking
Docker Swarm
Running Demo application using Docker

4. Kubernetes and Container Management

Kubernetes basics and architecture
Pods design and Multi Containers
Configuration, Services and Networks
Running demo applications with Kubernets
We recommend you attend the course from a computer. If not, you can join the classroom using mobile, learn the theory and watch out the demos during classroom hours, then work out the demo's in your computer/laptop in the later hours at your own pace.
If many participants couldn't make it to the class, we will reschedule the course at a common that that will workout for everyone. If few participants miss the class, we will send them course materials, sample code/demo by email. We will try patching them with another classroom of different batch.
This course is conducted completely online. We use Google Meet/Zoom for virtual classroom setup.
The teacher is one of our Cloud Council experts who has enormous experience in Microservices application development.
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